[Christian Polygyny does not necessarily endorse everything at the links listed below. There is a lot of good information. Use your head.]

Righteous Warriors - Several Articles about Biblical Polygyny. Very thorough and very well done.

Bible Polygamy - Didn't agree with it all, but there is some very good information.

Biblical Sexuality Perspective from a friend.

Scriptural Sex - Difficult page to write. A work in progress.

Biblical Families

Polygamy --Hallstrom's Gospel Ministries article no longer on line, but available here.

Audio Lessons --Brown and Hallstrom's audio lessons.

Eros Made Sacred - A book on polygyny written by J. Wesley Stivers -- He let his domain go. So here is another link to his book.

Christian Polygamy - Some good information, but be wary, among other things the author does not understand the "full" meaning of "Thou Shall not Adulterate".

Truth Bearer - Some good information, but part of the site has restricted access and the articles are hard to find, but here is a good one. Mark also has videos at YouTube. Some may be worth looking at.

Other Links

Oracles of Yah - Home Page of Christian Polygyny

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Christian Polygyny

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It Began with One Man and Four Women

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Hosea's Two Wives

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